The Dogwood Collection

Why the Dogwood Collection? For 16 years the dogwood petal has been at the center of our logo. While we have changed locations, product selection and even refreshed our logo, the dogwood has always remained. The dogwood to us is more than a tree or petal, but represents with its four white petals the cross of Jesus Christ. It represents strength, rebirth, love, protection and healing. Our company has always and will always put Jesus at the center of our company and be a light to others through Him. For us, our light is providing women with clothing and gifts that we believe will bring them joy. As a women-owned company with four family members, much like the dogwood petal, we will work together to reach as many women as possible with comfortable and classic clothing to make them feel their best.

We hope you love The Dogwood Collection as much as we do!

-Claire, Carly, Kaci and Kate

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